Top Vape Lounges in B.C., A.B & Toronto

With cannabis being legal in Canada for almost four years now, where to partake and enjoy has been a controversial subject. Just as you might enjoy going to your local pub for your favourite cocktail or draft beer, cannabis users would like to enjoy the same choice. The best way for users to consume their favourite strains is to open up a lounge where individuals, at the legal age, can enter and enjoy, while meeting others who have the same passion and hobby. Why not check out some of the best vape and hookah lounges in Vancity, Tdot and Calgary?

Dispensaries are not hard to find. They are popping up everywhere at a high rate. They are in more demand and see more profit than a vape lounge would see. No alcoholic beverages, with a crazy markup, are being sold and tips are not being given like a neighbourhood bar/pub might. Vape pens are a big seller, so lounges are seeing this trend the most.

Best Vape Lounges in B.C.

New Amsterdam Cafe

Vancouver: Chill atmosphere with a spacious floor-plan and friendly staff. Every table in the place is set up with a Volcano. They also have a nice selection of glass pieces to choose from if vaping isn’t your thing.

Mega Ill Pizzeria

Vancouver: This pot-friendly environment cooks up some tasty hemp-heart fortified pizzas for patrons to enjoy once the munchies hit.

Cannabis Culture Lounge


  • Access to a Volcano vaporizer at every table
  • Free wireless internet
  • Variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase.
  • Entry is just $5 per hour with a valid photo ID as proof you satisfy our 18+ age requirement.

Retro Arcade & Cannabis Lounge

Perk & Puff Cafe

Burnaby: This cafe is a great one to visit because it offers food and drinks, along with Hookah.

Alberta isn’t Invited to the Party

As of 2021 Alberta is still left out of the cannabis consumption party. Currently, there are no licensed premises — such as smoking lounges, cannabis cafes or specialized bars — in which cannabis can be consumed. This may change in the future as it is addressed by the federal and provincial governments. For now, they aren’t permitting cannabis use anywhere but the privacy of your own home.

Best Vape Lounges in Toronto

Vapor Central

Toronto: They offer treats, beverages, and live entertainment.

Vape on the Lake

Toronto: They have plenty of smoking devices to choose from, or you can bring your own from home.  They also have open mic night, every Monday.

Hot Box Cafe

Toronto: The Hot Box Cafe has an Arizer V-Tower (Canadian Made Vaporizer on par with the Volcano) on every table.

What about Hooka Lounges?

Hookah bars are commercial establishments where people gather to smoke flavoured tobacco from a hookah pipe. Other names for a hookah bar include hookah lounge, hookah cafe, hookah den, and shisha bar. They’re also available in Calgary.

Perk & Puff Cafe

Burnaby: This cafe is a great one to visit because it offers food and drinks, along with Hookah.

Bloo Hookah Lounge

Port Moody and Burnaby: With two locations, Bloo offers exceptional shisha and service.

Ahwaz Hookah House

Vancouver: Vancouver isn’t particularly known for its shisha lounges, but Ahwaz is a good cozy spot in the heart of downtown.

Shalom Hookah Lounge

Toronto: Hookah, drinks, and a middle-eastern atmosphere.

Ibex Hookah Lounge

Calgary: Serving premium Sheesha and drinks in a modern setting.

Cafe Med

Calgary: Cafe Med was actually the cities first shisha lounge and middle-eastern restaurant, opened in 2002, and what can we say? They’re still serving some of the best.

Nara Hookah Lounge

Edmonton: A popular shisha spot offering Mediterranean eats and a variety of shisha, although temporarily closed due to Covid, we hope this gem opens up again soon.

Smoking bylaws, are they in the way?

Most provinces have their own anti-smoking bylaw and labour-law restrictions on workplaces. There’s a lot of red tapes that stand in the way of lounges that permit smoking and/or vaping, mostly in Alberta at the moment.

What are your favourite vape or shisha lounges in Vancity, Calgary or Tdot? Let us know in the comments! For the latest cannabis news, reviews and more, follow CLN.

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