Halloween Horror Movie Crossword Puzzle- Stoned and Scared

Getting baked and watching horror movies is a next-level stoner activity. The strain you choose can really up the experience. Want to rev up the fear factor? Smoke a sativa to crank up your energy and creative focus. If you’re not in the mood for a clenched butthole, relax with an indica strain. The choice is yours because thankfully, cannabis and horror movies complement each other.

WARNING: if you plan on getting baked and watching horror movies, it’s really important to know what you are smoking and how you will react. There’s a lot of times where you can get away with smoking that random bud on your tray; this is not one of them. Imagine paying twenty bucks to go to a movie theater, smoking an indica, and falling asleep in the seat. On the flip side, imagine smoking a sativa, focusing on the gory details, and giving yourself an anxiety attack. If you are looking to create one effect and end up with the opposite, watching that movie is going to suck. Be certain of your bud before you smoke it, or else you could end up like my buddy…

Baked, Terrified, and Embarrassed

A friend of mine who never dabs got ripped off his ass at a Halloween party. ‘The Exorcist’ was playing in a room in the basement and he started to watch it for the very first time. Sitting quietly, frozen from fear, he was extremely stoned and found it terrifying. Party people came and went as he sat and watched, still as a statue… that is, until the scene with the cross. 

horror movies

I didn’t see it, I heard it. Everyone did. Impossibly high and oddly childlike, a blood-curdling scream erupting from the basement. The shrill reverberated through the house, overtaking conversation and the music. It was followed by a moment of stunned silence, then screams of laughter starting in the basement. According to witnesses, he didn’t move at all or even take his eyes off of the movie; his jaw dropped down like a ventriloquist’s dummy, and out came the scream of a pre-pubescent girl. The embarrassment didn’t set in until he watched The Exorcist for the second time and now, he won’t dab at parties. His is a cautionary tale. 

halloween horror movies

Halloween Horror Movie Crossword Puzzle

It’s Halloween, the time of year to indulge in the dark side. From spine chilling to fun and stupid, there’s a lot of great movies that fit into the horror genre. Whether you love or hate them, get baked and get into the spirit with this Halloween horror movie crossword puzzle.


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