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Are you a cat person? Do you vibe with felines? If so, this crazy cat facts crossword puzzle is purrfect for you. For all the dog people willing to try their luck, have no fear! This is not the writing of a crazy cat lady; I offer only facts… with that being said, the fact is that cats are trippy animals. 

You can beat this crossword puzzle if you know a bit about them. But the chances are, you are going to learn something new. Try your best and if you get stuck, you can find all the answers written below.

Why do cats always land on their feet?

Do you know why cats always land on their feet? There are a few reasons behind this feline phenomenon:

Righting reflex – Cats have a special reflex, known as a vestibular apparatus. This allows them to determine which way is up, regardless of their physical orientation. 

Flexible spine – Cats have an incredibly flexible spine. They can twist the front of their body in the opposite direction of the back. This helps them flip their feet down fast enough to land on all fours.

Extra Skin – Regardless of breed and size, every cat has extra skin. When they fall, they can stretch their limbs and use that skin to increase drag. Essentially, cats use their extra skin like a parachute.

Pallas cats – Mongolia’s Wildcat

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If you want to try and spot a wild Pallas cat, you have to go to Mongolia and be ready to wait. Pallas cats roam the plains at a very slow pace because their biggest predators come from the sky. The Mongolian countryside is a vast plain, giving these cats few places to hide. So, Pallas cats defend themselves by staying still and blending with the landscape. Their ears are located on the sides of their head, rather than on top; making their presence harder to notice. Because of their color, size, and ear shape, you could easily mistake one for a rock until it moves. 

Scottish Highlands Cat – UK Wildcat

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If you think there are no wild cats in the UK, think again. The Scottish Highlands Cat may look like a big house cat but the truth is they are anything but; these fierce felines are twenty-five percent bigger than common household breeds. There are between one to four thousand roaming the Scottish Highlands. 

The cat’s meow

  • Cats can make over a hundred different types of vocalizations but they only meow to humans. 
  • A cat’s purr vibrates between 25-150 HZ. These vibrations are associated with bone growth, wound healing, and joint repair.

Feline physique 

  • Cats tend to favor one paw but forty percent of cats are ambidextrous. Male cats usually lead with their left paw and females often start with the right. 
  • Much like a human fingerprint, a cat’s nose print is unique to them.
  • Cat tongues are coated in little spines known as papilla. These are made of keratin, the same substance that makes up human fingernails.

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