Cannabis Trivia Crossword Puzzle – History, Culture, Law & Science

Oh, trivia…such fun isn’t it? Who doesn’t enjoy a good game? It’s a great way to learn some random facts and get credit for the ones you already know. Without being said, let’s get to it!

This is a cannabis trivia crossword puzzle. The questions come from categories such as history, culture, law and science. You’ll find all the answers at the bottom of the page, along with critical details and further context. Get stoned, have fun, and good luck. 

It’s time to play a cannabis trivia crossword puzzle! To answer the first question, look at the gif below.

cannabis puzzle

Cannabis History

Thomas Forcade was an American Journalist and cannabis activist until he died at the age of thirty-three in 1978. He is the founder of High Times Magazine but early in life, he had other plans. After graduating from the Business Administration Program at the University of Utah, Thomas joined the United States Air Force but was discharged a few months later.

cannabis trivia thomas forcade

Photo of Thomas Forcade courtesy of Podchaser

A bright young man, he used his newly learned aviation skills to fly across the border and traffic drugs. Regularly flying to Columbia and Mexico, he used the money made to start a hippie commune and an underground magazine, ‘Orpheus’.  After that, he moved to New York City and found High Times Magazine. 

  • Elizabeth Griscom Ross or as she was fondly known as ‘Betsy’, was an American upholsterer credited with making the first US flag. She made the flag on May 29th, 1777, using hemp fabric.
cannabis trivia crossword puzzle

Law & Science

  • In 2013, Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize growing, consuming, and selling cannabis. 
  • California was the first US state to legalize medical cannabis.
  • It turns out that beer and bud have some compounds in common. Hops (humulus lupulus) and cannabis are both members of the Cannabaceae family. Both contain terpenes and terpenoids, but hops lack the enzyme that converts cannabigerolic acid to THC or CBD


  • Curious about the answer to Question 1? The word being signed was ‘extract’. For more information or to learn more popular phrases and weed words in ASL, Click here.
  • Bob Marley was buried with a Bible, guitar, and cannabis.
  • In the movie “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”, the characters Goldstein and Rosenberg were included to pay homage to the famous Shakespeare play, ‘Hamlet’.
  • The video for Afroman’s ‘Because I got high’ features two classic movie characters, Jay and Silent Bob
  • In the video for their song ‘Smoke the Sky’, band Motley Crue used clips from the cult film “Reefer Madness”. Check out the video down below!

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